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DPA Microphones Mic University

Learn everything you need to know about microphone techniques. From live shows to broadcast, this link covers all elements of using a microphone properly. 

D.A.S. Audio Software

Download Ease Focus, AudioCore and other useful D.A.S. Audio Software. Audio & Lighting Calculators

Our friend Jose Brusi at has so graciously shared their calculators with us. From Limiter Calcuations to Power and RGB/RGBW/RBGA Colour Converters, feel free to  give a visit. Also these calculators are available on an Android/Apple/Windows platform as PAcalculate. The mobile app has helped us get out of messy situations so please do keep it handy on your mobile devices! 

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Get Social! Visit DPA Microphone's Youtube Channel and Facebook for updates.

DPA Microphones Social Media

D.A.S. Audio Social Media

Get Social! Visit D.A.S. Audio's Youtube Channel and Facebook for updates.

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